Aurora Giavedoni, known professionally as Aurora Rays, is a singer, songwriter and musician born on Jan 24th, 1995 in Sesto Al
Reghena, Italy.
She recently completed an undergrad in Jazz singing, and is now doing a jazz master
studying under Glauco Venier &
Alfonso Deidda.
She works as music teacher at Associazione Musicale Fadiesis.
In 2016 she started to collaborate with Eliza G (The Voice of Italy).
In 2019 she collaborated with the American Company “Brooks Brothers”, writing the music for its advertising spot.
In 2019, she won a scholarship to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK, studying under Sara Colman & Rebecca Nash.
In 2020, Aurora independently released two singles entitled “Play My Game” and “Ghost”, recorded in Birmingham with Ellis Stagg, Matt Hollick, Jonno Gaze, Millicent James, Niccolò Conti & Elliot James Mulhern.
Some recent performances have included JazzInsieme Festival, GajaJazz Festival, Sofar Sounds, More Than Jazz Festival, Vinitaly, Sankt Veit and Sun & Sounds Festival.
During the lockdown in Spring 2020, she asked dancers from all over the world to record themselves dancing to her single “Play My Game”. She then stitched these dances together to create the official music video.
She has coordinated numerous collaborations, among which include Andrew Mclean (Mark Ronson, Grace Jones), Jonah Hitchens, Luca Colussi, Mik, Paolo Jus.
In 2021 she released a single with the singer-songwriter Mik called “Even When”.
In 2021 she will be releasing her first album on Iola Music. Recorded in Birmingham, the music features Mike Anning, Joe Carnell, Matt Hollick, Jonno Gaze, Millicent James, Niccolò Conti, Jonah Hitchens, Gabriella Liandu, Elliot James Mulhern, Ellis Stagg.
In 2021 she won as best singer "Ciak'n'roll's music competition".


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