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"An amazing debut album which needs to be listened to"

Rockit magazine

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Aurora Rays is a singer - songwriter, musician inspired by music in all its forms. She's Head of Vocals at Solihull Music School and owner of U-niverse.
She is based in Birmingham (UK) and she holds a jazz master degree with Distinction.
In 2022 she obtained the Global Talent Visa (UK) and she has been nominated as for “Top 50 Artists-Worldwide” at "Show4Me Music Awards 2022”.
Her debut album, released with Iola music UK and Tank of Music in 2021, has been reviewed by Rockit magazine as "An amazing debut album which needs to be listened to”.
Recent performances highlights include: Opera House - Doha (Qatar), Italy’s got talent, Scenes-Usa, Sidmouth Fringe Sessions, Symphony Hall, Gaiajazz Festival, Teatro Arrigoni, Dolomiti Blues & Soul Festival and many others.
She's part of The Panicles as singer and keyboardist and she's working in different projects from jazz to pop, including KEITH (inspired by Keith Jarrett's music) and an Italian Ep.

In 2023 Aurora released Bound in Chains, the first single from Nothing But Numbers, a project consisting of various single releases over the year with producers and artists from the UK, USA and Italy.

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Brand new single from Nothing But Numbers

Bound in Chains is the newest soulful song by the singer-songwriter Aurora Rays.
Produced and recorded in her living room in Birmingham last year, describe the feeling of being in a toxic and unhealthy relationship with a narcissist.

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Bringing together musicians from across Italy, the UK and further afield, "I live in my own world" is a collection of songs inspired by events and memories from Aurora’s life so far, blending between genres and countries.
Recorded in early 2020, the album explores multiple themes, effortlessly floating across genres. 

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We’ve played your track "Time" on our BBC Introducing show and made it Track of the Day in the week – we love your music!

BBC RADIO West Midlands

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First debut single of Aurora and her brother MIK.

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Aurora is a fantastic singer, songwriter, and musician who shows the utmost passion for her art, always striving to bring the music to the highest possible level. Her talent and discipline have served as an inspiration to myself and many others.

David Abbruzzese

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